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Jeff Sessions Is Going All Reefer Madness On Us

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Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no friend to cannabis users. He’s said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana”, made the spurious claim that cannabis is only “slightly less awful than heroin”. He also said that cannabis causes violence. Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced back in February that the Trump Administration would be going after recreational cannabis, but would be leaving medicinal cannabis alone. Sessions seems to have different ideas, because he asked Congress to not renew the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prevents the Justice Department from spending federal dollars on prosecuting medical cannabis providers in legal states. Sessions says that good people don’t use cannabis, but we have something to say to him: Good people don’t deny sick people their medicine.

Myself and so many others use cannabis medicinally to improve our lives. I use it to deal with anxiety and depression. Others I know use cannabis to treat epilepsy, chronic pain, diabetes, treat addiction to opiates, and even cancer. This is just the people that I know personally. Jeff Sessions wants to take these people’s medicine away from them. That is what I would call a dick move.

It has been estimated that roughly two million Americans use cannabis for medical reasons. They are not using it just to get high; they are using it for reasons like treating a debilitating medical condition like epilepsy, to ease the harsh effects of cancer treatment, or to simply help them get out of bed in the morning. Jeff Sessions wants to take that away from them, from all of us. That makes him a bad person. He wants to take away a medicine that for some people, is the only relief that they have. Does that sound like a good person to you? It certainly doesn’t to me.

I’ve already gone into detail about Jeff Sessions’ conflicts of interest involving the private prison industry, so I will not elaborate too much here.  Suffice it to say that he has a lot of financial interest in continuing the failed policies of the War on Drugs. Sessions has been very vocal about his support of private prisons over the last couple decades. Obama’s Justice Department was beginning to distance itself from the industry over last summer after making the promise to phase out the practice. Stock in the industry jumped after Trump won, because lobbyists knew that Trump’s administration would reverse Obama’s policy. In fact, one of the largest prison lobbyist groups in the country donated 125K to the Trump campaign. It would not be surprising that they would expect something in return.

There are two possible conclusions: Jeff Sessions actually believes that cannabis is on the same level as drugs like heroin and LSD, or he is only after that sweet, sweet prison money.  If he believes the former, then he is incredibly ignorant. If he believes the latter, then he is corrupt and greedy. Either way, the optics are not good. Let go of the reefer madness Mr. Sessions.

Source: Washington Post

Image Source: Vocativ

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