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Jane West Is Revolutionizing The Way We Look At Cannabis Consumption

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Jane West didn’t set out to become one of the most influential women in the cannabis industry. The career woman and mother of two simply saw an opportunity to combine the dinner parties she loved to throw for her friends, with her love of consuming cannabis. Her sophisticated cannabis dinner parties began to grow in popularity, to the point where tickets were consistently selling out, and she attracted the attention of national and international media outlets.

After being fired from her job as a corporate event planner when her boss saw her vaping on CNBC, Jane could have distanced herself from the cannabis industry, but she chose to go a different direction. She saw the potential for cannabis to not only go mainstream, but to change people’s lives. Thus, Edible Events was born.

As Jane’s empire expanded, she began branching out into other areas of the cannabis industry. She started Women Grow, which is according to her website, “the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization.” Last, but certainly not least, there’s her lifestyle brand Jane West, which specializes in simple, yet elegant consumption tools.

We had the opportunity to speak with Jane about the inspiration behind the Jane West Collection. “The Jane West brand is truly my vision of what I want to see in the world,” she said. “When I go into a smoke shop, or when I go into a place to buy cannabis gear, it’s what I want to see.” Cannabis consumption tools are typically marketed toward a very specific type of consumer, one that did not fit usually fit Jane’s demographic, so she saw an opportunity to change that.

The packaging on her products is as Jane puts it “very simple, very clean, very straight forward”. You know exactly what you are getting. “It was very intentional. My goal is to have my products sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, at major retailers, alongside barware and wine gear.” This is why her products are much more innocuous than the gear typically found in head shops. Jane states that her collection is “everything I would be looking for if I walked into a shop to find these items for my home.”

The future of the cannabis industry is not the typical stoner demographic, it’s women like Jane. “As cannabis consumption becomes more normalized, people are going to be entertaining with it.” Eventually, Jane hopes that  we will get to the point where people are treating cannabis the same way they would treat wine. “As people come over you don’t just put out one wine glass and one bottle of wine,” she laughs.”Which is why it was so important to me that we sold the bowl rack. When I have people over, I put out the bong and I have a bowl rack, it’s all preloaded so guests can see, ‘oh there’s ten bowls here’,” she explains. “When they’re all cashed we just reload them, just like you would put out more bottles of wine.” This is the heart of Jane’s vision. “As people start to entertain with cannabis and want to make sure that their guests are comfortable, and have the substances that they’d like at the home,” she smiles, “then that’s exactly what my line is for.”

Jane’s products are continuing to grow in popularity, especially among women like Jane. What she is doing with the Jane West Collection is revolutionizing the way that we look at cannabis and cannabis culture.



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