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Jamaica Cannabis Kiosks Give New Meaning to the “Mile High Club”

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Imagine when you’re going on vacation you step off your plane, walk through customs, and approach a kiosk with medical professionals ready to license you to smoke pot legally. Sound too good to be true? This dream may become a reality soon in Jamaica.

“The thought is that if you are coming out of the airport, there is a kiosk that you can go to. So basically whoever is coming out of immigration can go to that desk and register and get that clearance,” Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) Chairman Hyacinth Lightbourne told the Jamaican publication The Gleaner.

The CLA wishes to install automated kiosks and licensing desks in airports and seaports around Jamaica so that visitors will heave easy, immediate access to become licensed and to also purchase small amounts of cannabis. Every kiosk will have trained medical personnel checking for visitors’ prescriptions to become licensed while in the country.

“If they don’t have a prescription, then they can do what we call ‘self-declare,’ and this will allow them to have the two ounces while they are here,” Lightbourne also noted.

The CLA’s intention for this program is to increase government revenue with increased legal cannabis sales, citing similar success in parts of the United States as a point of encouragement.

The new law states that people licensed to consume cannabis in the country may carry up to two ounces of marijuana without fear of prosecution, while the cultivation of up to five plants is also permitted.

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Featured Image Source: BusinessInsider

Well I know where I’m going for my next vacation! There’s going to be quite a few stoner holiday options to choose from this year, where are you going? Let us know in the comments!