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Important Edmonton Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raided

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An important medical marijuana dispensary raided by police today is reeling in the aftermath of the surprise attack. The dispensary has been shut down indefinitely.

The non-profit organization based in Edmonton, Alberta has had their property seized and now face criminal charges for their role in distributing marijuana to medical patients in need. CBC News reports that MACROS President Aaron Bott was arrested upon arriving to the dispensary. His mother had met the same fate earlier in the day when opening the shop.

The raid was carried out by the notorious Green Team, a special task force responsible for attacking marijuana growers in the city of Edmonton and throughout the province of Alberta.

They claim that cannabis use itself is not the priority target of their mission, but that their goal is to eliminate sources of income for organized crime groups. MACROS, however, has not been linked to any form of criminal activity in its eleven year history.

The Green Team took the battle beyond the hemp store from which MACROS operates; they raided the home of Bott’s parents and confiscated the small amount of cannabis that they were growing for personal medicinal use.

Community members who relied on the dispensary are outraged. They believe that enough reaction will result in a favorable outcome for MACROS, but nothing is certain yet. The dispensary plays an important part in the quality of life for many local residents. Without access nearby, they have to travel far distances to obtain their medicine – a chore that should be avoided with proper attitudes toward marijuana growth.

Despite that MACROS was not involved in funding organized crime, as is the goal of the Green Team, it seems strange that they would be singled out. In all likelihood, it’s a sign of desperation among police forces in the face of increased public support for marijuana legalization.

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