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How To Roll A Joint: 7 Steps To A Perfect Roll

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Everybody loves the slow, flavorful draw of a finely rolled joint. There’s just something satisfying about watching a J burn evenly down to the crutch. For many stoners, rolling a joint seems impossible, but really, they just need more practice. If you’re looking to learn how to roll a joint, or simply need to fine-tune your technique, read on and follow along with the video below!

Step 1: Gather Materials

To roll a joint you’re going to need a few things: cannabis (duh), grinder, rolling paper, index card (optional: to make the crutch with).

Step 2: Make Crutch/Filter

First tear a strip off the top of your rolling paper pack, or your index card, or really any kind of non-glossy semi-thick paper you have lying around. Make a small fold on one end of the crutch, move down, make a small fold the other direction, move down again and fold again in the original direction. Make sure these are small folds and when you’re done you have a z-shape in your fold (0:38 in the video for an example). When you have your z-shape in the paper, continue to roll the rest of your paper around the fold until finished.

Step 3: Grind Your Herb

You can really do this any time, but if you haven’t already, now would be the time. Finely ground bud is ideal, if you don’t have a grinder readily¬†available you can also use your hands to break apart the bud, but make sure it’s as fine as possible.

Step 4: Begin Working Your Herb Into A Cylinder

Place your crutch on one end of the rolling paper, make sure the gummed edge of the paper is on the half away from you. Place your thumb on the side of the paper facing you, your index finger on the crutch, and your middle/ring finger on the other side of the rolling paper. This will allow you to fill your paper with herb and manipulate it without giving up the grip of your crutch. After loading some herb, roll your paper together so that your herb starts to create a cylindrical shape. As you roll here some bud might slip out the top, it’s normal, don’t freak out, but you will want to be looking to make sure the cylinder you’re rolling is as uniform as possible. The better this part goes, the less you’ll need¬†to stuff the joint later.

Step 5: Roll Around the Flower And The Crutch/Filter

When you’re confident in the bud cylinder in your paper, begin to roll the crutch side of the paper under the paper and crutch, beginning the actual roll. This is arguably the hardest part of rolling a joint, if you try and it always comes up loose or the paper simply won’t fit under the crutch, don’t be afraid to fold a small bit during this part and rolling the rest around the J. Even if you finish the roll and it comes up looser than you’d like, you can always stuff the joint.

Step 6: Lick, Seal, And Finish

Once you’ve rolled it up, do a quick lick along the gum-line and seal the joint. Before twisting the top make sure to tap the crutch end on the table a few times to let the bud settle. At this point if you feel like you need to top it off with more or stuff it, don’t be afraid to use a pen cap or something small, just be very delicate as you can easily break the paper and need to start all over.

Step 7: Twist and Enjoy!

Once you’re confident in your joint, twist off the top, shake it a little bit to make sure it’s all settled, and get ready to light up!

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