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Household Items Every Stoner Turns Into A Canna-Tool

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One important rule I like to live by is that a stoner is only as good as their tools. Sure, a bong and a lighter is really all you need to light it up, but what about when your Greenhorn stoner friend packs the bowl too tight at the bottom and no air is flowing through the piece?┬áThat’s when the support supplies come in, there are many tools that stoners need to create a more pleasurable toking experience, these are just some that I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Pipe Cleaners

I’m going to level with you, you’re probably gonna argue with me for this one. I mean, it’s in the name, they’re ‘Pipe Cleaners!’ Right? Well to be honest with you, for most of my life I thought these little buggers were meant only for arts and crafts. When in school they were everywhere, and in so many colors! Now that I’m older, I know that their originally intended use was in fact for cleaning tobacco pipes, they’re a valuable tool in my arsenal for the days that I don’t want to bring out the Isopropyl and salt, but I just want to clear the way in my downstem or push out a stuck piece of resin.

2. Hairpins

As someone with hair thats way too short to even put a hairpin into as a joke, I can say that I’ve only ever used hairpins for… recreational purposes. I love to use hairpins for a variety of uses, cleaning pipes and bowls, distributing bud when packing the bowl, packing the joint when I rolled it too loose, collecting resin, etc. The beautiful thing about them is they’re so cheap, thin, and much easier to try and handle than paper clips, which often just slip out of my hands.

3. Index Cards/Construction Paper

When I was in high school I used index cards for a speech once, but after that I just had a pack of 149 index cards that were void of use, and they sat there for years until I took up the cannabis arts. Now I use blank index cards almost exclusively for making crutches (joint tips) and collecting shake off of my desk. When an index card isn’t handy you can also always use construction paper, business cards, really any stocky paper without any ink on it you can roll into a decent crutch.

4. Isopropyl Alcohol

Sure, you’ve heard that Isopropyl Alcohol is meant to disinfect wounds, but your parents probably doused a scraped knee with it once when you were a kid and you realized that: that shit hurts. So now that you’re an adult, you probably only bring it out when you’re really concerned about infection, or rarely at all. I personally take it out of my cabinet once a week. Not because I’m clumsy, but because nothing says Friday night like a freshly cleaned bong, and 99% strength Isopropyl Alcohol and salt is how I get there.

5. Blowtorches/Heat Guns

Just so nobody is confused: No, blowtorches were not originally intended for in-household use. (Unless you count the little baking torches for creme brulee and such.) Electric Heat guns, although useful for certain things, were also probably not meant for general household use, however both of these items have been taken up in arms as essential tools in a stoner’s arsenal for one simple reason: dabbing. Several companies have attempted making dabbing-specific torches popular, however simple butane tanks and heat guns being sold at local hardware stores still dominate the dabbing scene, except for the select few ‘professional dabbers.’

6. Dryer Sheets

Ever make a spoof before? If so, you know exactly why dryer sheets are on the list. For those of you who have never experienced the glory of blowing your hit through a spoof, a ‘spoof’ is an item that involves stuffing a hollow tube (usually an old toilet paper or paper towel roll) with dryer sheets. When you blow your hit through this roll it will smell like Lavender Dream because it passed through layers and layers of blissful smelling dryer sheets. This make spoofs an excellent tool for any stoner that likes to smoke a little more discretely, or when trying to prevent smelling up the room.

7. Kitchen Scale

Really if I need to explain this one too you, I’m going to be a little disappointed. Do yourself a favor, buy yourself a scale that measures in grams and start telling your connect that you’ll be weighing your bags out when you get home, you might find that he/she will start to be a little more generous~

8. Baggies

Sure, you might use baggies for a lot of normal uses, in fact, you might even use your sandwich size baggies to put sandwiches in sometimes, but we both know that’s not their main use for stoners. I’ve known people that have a box of sandwich baggies in their room and a box in the kitchen, just because they used so many of them. Baggies are the perfect quick-fix for discrete bud transportation. If you’re really serious about your cannabis preservation, you might even have an automated vacuum/heat-sealing bag setup, which are pretty hardcore.

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What other household items have you turned into Stoner tools of necessity? Let us know in the comments!