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10 Hilarious Bongs and Pipes

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Here are 10 hilarious bongs and pipe finds that’ll make you LOL and WTF!?

10. Toke Story

A “Buzz” Lightyear doll might be a more appropo character to re-purpose, but Mr. Potatohead is, practically speaking, a better way to get your hash brown.



9. Private Part
It takes a ballsy bud enthusiast to own this not so subtle phallic-shaped package. Laughing ladies, adventurous gay men and straight dudes with a sense or humor and cocksure comfort will all get excited packing and sucking on this hand full.




8. Body Language
The female form is beautiful and has long been a source of inspiration in art. But inhaling from a bootie hole isn’t exactly the best way to celebrate or elevate it. The upright model below, however offers a little more class to the ass, grass and glass.




7. Flip The Bud
A cool way to say f*ck off as you get f*cked up.



6. Don’t Look In the Mirror
You know that point in the night when you’ve had a little too much, maybe a coughing fit or two, and you’re just feeling like a bloodshot-eyed little ogre? Let this guy serve as a reminder not to overdo it, especially with friends around.




5. Up In Smoke
The high-larious duo have more than earned their own bong design, and this one’s cute sculptural look brings to mind those collectable W&R figurines from the 70s. Old school, man.

BB 2011 CAT FOR CD-433-500x500


4. Tongue Tied
Wanna rock & roll all night and party every day?



3. Anyway You Slice It
Our forum readers know that pizza is tops when it come to the most popular “munchie” choice. And the only green-friendly folks who love it more than GC fam are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



2. Close Encounters
If we ever make contact with extra-terrestrials, lets hope they’re a) smaller than us, and b) down to smoke out. Both will decrease the chances of a hostile takeover. Pics of this DIY design have made the rounds, but unfortunately we couldn’t find it for sale… at least not on Earth.



1. Grin and Smoke It
They were limited edition and went for $400 back then, so finding one now is probably impossible, but pop artist Kenny Scharf created one of the cheeriest pieces of functional art EVER with this one, and we think it deserves the top spot here. It simply looks like a pleasure to smoke. Definitely brings new meaning to the term, “put on a happy face.”