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It’s Highly Possible That The NFL Will Lift Its Ban On Cannabis

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The possibility of the NFL lifting its ban on cannabis just got a lot more likely. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and one of the most influential people in the NFL, has stated that the ban on cannabis should be abolished. At a meeting of NFL owners Jones suggested that the organization should let up on punishing its players for using cannabis.

Jerry Jones is not the most powerful member of the organization, but when he wants something done, the other owners tend to go along. Jerry Jones’ influence is one of the main reasons why the Oakland Raiders are now being relocated to Las Vegas.

No matter what your feelings are towards Jones or the Cowboys organization, you have to agree with this. The NFL has the strictest rules out of any of the other major professional sports leagues in the US. It is also the most injury prone. As a result opiate addiction is a huge problem for the players.

Current and former players have spoken out against the organization’s ban on cannabis, stating that cannabis has improved their lives remarkably. Cannabis has allowed them not only to treat the frequently debilitating injuries that they suffer, but also made it possible for them to beat their addiction to the pain pills that they pop like breath mints during their careers.

The NFL’s ban on cannabis is also a detriment to the players’ careers in other ways. Athletes who test positive for cannabis have to pay ridiculously high fines, they are usually suspended for a few games. Oftentimes their reputations are ruined too; they lose endorsement deals and the respect of some of their fans.

Now that cannabis is legal for medicinal use in over half of the country, and legal for recreational use in eight states, it’s time for the NFL to follow Jerry Jones’ suggestion and end its archaic ban on cannabis.

Source: Forbes

Image Source: LA Times

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