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Why A Hand Pipe Will Always Be The Best Stoner Gift

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So what makes pipes so special? From Spoon Bowls to Sherlocks, to even Bubblers, pipes are just as unique as each strain of weed, if not more. Not only do you have varieties of styles, colors, bowl sizes, glass type, length, pipes come in an innumerable amount of shapes and sizes, but fortunately they all have the same basic purpose! Pipes are cherished pieces of glass, but it’s not a piece of glass that people normally buy for themselves when they have the capital to buy a bong, but that doesn’t mean pipes aren’t great toking tools! In fact, I think they’re WAAAYY cooler than bongs. Sure, they might not provide the smoothest hit, but every one of my pipes has a story, and is uniquely different!

This is why I love to buy pipes for all of my stoner friends; they don’t usually buy pipes for themselves, and they’re intricate enough to be memorable and actually appreciated! Don’t believe me? Read on!


Sure, giving your friend an eighth on their birthday is an awesome gift, (Not kidding, that IS awesome, way to be a bro!) but nothing in my mind really symbolizes a true stoner friendship than the exchange of pipes. They don’t need to be expensive, honestly, a $20 USD spoon bowl pipe will work just fine, so long as you really think about the pipe you’re choosing, and you pick it for your friend. From personal experience, when I was in high school my best friend at the time was very cautious about smoking cannabis, and once asked me for a few simple pointers. A few years later, he’s one of my favorite toking buddies, and, last year on my birthday, he surprised me with a beautiful five inch glass pipe with a black center and red and yellow speckled beads. It also had one of the biggest bowls for a pipe that I’ve ever seen, easily taking over my smaller bong as my favorite go-to piece. Every day I look at it, I don’t just see a pipe, I see a totem representing an important friendship…that also gets me high.


When I was gifted my first pipe, I was already amazed with how beautiful it was, partially because it was mine, and partially because it was made of actual glass, instead of soda cans like my previous pipes. The clear glass had a pink tinge, practically making it a transparent salmon color. The pipe’s Sherlock form made a perfect “J”shape in an elegant three-and-a-half inches, with a carburetor on the left side of the bowl and three green notches on the right for grip. I didn’t think it could get any better, and over the course of the next few months I was proven wrong. Under the base of the bowl where the resin stuck seemed to turn to a dark blue, flowing down the pipe, gradually turning into a bright, sky blue. I had no idea it was fumed glass, it was practically a rainbow of color to my inexperienced eyes.

Since then, I’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds, of various pipes like mine, and I’ve seen hundreds more that aren’t. With choices like the color of the pipe (as well as whether or not you’re going to get fumed glass), the style, even the size of the pipe will make it a serious decision for you. Do you get a one-hit batter for the hiker? How about the Sherlock with a flower on it for the cannabis-loving lady friend in your life? She doesn’t like flowers? Then try the long spoon bowl with a dragon wrapped around the handle!

More Pipes Are A Necessity for Multi-Person Toke Sessions

Sure, it’s totally cool to pass the bowl around when you have a couple people. It’s still reasonable when you have three or four, but when you get to about five people the cycle can start to feel a little slow.By bringing out even one pipe into that party will speed up the circle and leave less down time, if you have two or three, then you have the capacity to get a constant hit and pass practice going just like you would with one person, and you’ll have a totally viable explanation to show off your new pieces that aren’t “heavy hitters!”

Who knows? If you end up buying some pipes for your friends, they might take note and return the favor!

So are you convinced? Start checking out all the possibilities! What was the first pipe you ever bought (or received)? Do you still own it, or have you passed it on to the next fortunate owner?