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Growers in California are Facing a Tough Problem

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Growers in California are having a rather difficult time, and it’s for a pretty unusual reason. They are being singled out by state law enforcement operations because they have county growing permits, or they have applied for them. The California Growers Association is currently monitoring 15 different cases of farms in the Emerald Triangle region (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties) that have been raided by state officials.

The Press Democrat reports that Fish and Wildlife wardens are raiding these operations for possible environmental violations. The reason they are able to do so is because these growers either already have growing permits, or they have applied for them. Regulation in California is a bit of a mess right now. Voters in California opted to legalize recreational cannabis in the state last November. The state is hoping to get its recreational market up and running by 2018.

These raids by Fish and Wildlife and other state agencies are making it difficult for these growing operations to comply with the law. They are also making other growers in California reluctant to apply for permits, knowing that they would be next to be raided. In the meantime, local officials are trying to get Fish and Game to ease off, so they don’t scare off other growers.

As part of new regulations that were passed a year before voters chose to legalize recreational cannabis, growers in California are required to have county permits before they can participate in the state’s billion dollar market. Will state and local officials be able to work out a compromise before the recreational market becomes operational on January 1st? Local officials are hoping so. State Senator Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) is hoping to meet with state Fish and Wildlife Director Chuck Bonham, to hopefully reach some sort of compromise. Hopefully they can come to one.

Source: Press Democrat

Image Source: SF Weekly

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