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Greenthumb Not Required: GrowBuddy Turns Everyone Into A Master Grower

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Everyone attempts to grow cannabis at one point and time. Most of us remember growing a plant or two in our closets, or in a dusty attic. Now, thanks in part to legalization and advances in growing technology, the growing game is changing. Growing is not just for the pros anymore. Thanks to GrowBuddy, a growing journal app that guides you through the process of cultivating your plants, anyone can become a master grower.

Growing can be pretty complicated, which is what makes GrowBuddy so awesome. The app is available for iPad, Android tablets, Windows, and OS-X. You can also download GrowBuddy Phone for your phone. The phone version is a lighter version of the original app, but its still got the key components of the full GrowBuddy app. I downloaded both versions, the full one for Windows and the version for iPhone.

After downloading both, I created my account, which took probably less than a minute. The app has a nicely set-up tutorial to help get you started. The first and most important tool that you are introduced to is the “Garden Management” tool. This is where you keep the bulk of your growing information, like the strains of your plants, medium (soil, hydroponics, etc.). I entered the type of medium I was using for my pretend garden, (soil, in case you were wondering), and then moved on to enter in my strain data, consisting of flowering length, vegetation length, and genetics. You can of course add as many strains as you want. Next you enter in details about the nutrients you will be using, including units of measurement. There’s also a separate tab for scheduling your nutrients, so you can tinker with your methods, expand your yields, and become the master grower you are meant to be. There are separate tools for days and weeks, so you can record daily and weekly progress of your plants.

GrowBuddy is very easy to use, no matter your skill level. The UI (user interface) is relatively simple; every tool is clearly labeled, and you can download the app onto every device you have. It’s much more convenient than the old days of tracking your plants’ progress with a beat up spiral notebook. Thanks to GrowBuddy, anyone can become a master grower!