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GreenMed vs Baker: Choose Your Fighter!

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Everyone is buzzing about the early success that we’ve seen with GreenMed, the app that allows customers of participating dispensaries to pay for their herb using their debit cards. As most people know by now, dispensaries are cash only because banks cannot work with dispensaries or other cannabusinesses because of federal prohibition laws. Apps like GreenMed have brought the cannabis industry into the 21st century! 

Why do people return to a business repeatedly? Sometimes it’s because the location is convenient, other times, it’s because prices are more affordable. Often it’s because they have a good experience visiting that business. What is the best way to give a customer an enjoyable experience at your business? Usually it involves treating your customers like they mean more to you than notes on a banking statement. Businesses do this by offering good service with, a clean well lit establishment, friendly employees, as well as customer loyalty and referral programs.

So, let’s compare and contrast two major players in the cannabis industry: GreenMed and Baker and how they compare when it comes to their customer service.


GreenMed has a new preorder feature, which allows customers to place their orders using either the GreenMed app on their mobile devices, or directly from the dispensary site itself. They are then notified when the order is ready to be picked up. Shopping for cannabis products does not get easier or more convenient than this. It’s easy than ordering food is at this point! Baker also has an online ordering feature, which alerts customers when the product of their choice is in stock.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Both platforms have customer loyalty programs. Baker considers itself a CRM, or customer relationship manager, so this is really more of what they specialize in. Baker does not have a referral program for customers to refer dispensaries to the platform. A referral program such as the one GreenMed has would significantly improve their customer relations.


GreenMed is significantly more affordable to customers and dispensaries. Participating dispensaries are listed for free on the GreenMed Dispensary Map and they are allowed to use either their existing menu, or create a new one using sources available online. Baker of course charges a great deal more for their services.

And the Winner is…

Overall, the two platforms offer many of the same features and quality, but GreenMed has just a bit more to offer customers. They offer a payment option, have an easy to use dispensary map, that allows you the convenience of being able to see what options are closest to you. Think Yelp, but for buying weed! More features are set to be rolled out in the coming weeks. 

I think the answer here is clear: GreenMed has superior features, is easier to use, and is more affordable. I’m gonna go with GreenMed!