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Why Greenhorn Stoners Are The Luckiest Stoners

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We all remember when we first started smoking cannabis. Or maybe some of us don’t remember so clearly. There are great things about being a seasoned toker. You know your limits, you know how to handle being high, and you are better at hiding your high. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days of being a greenhorn stoner.

Greenhorns Get Higher

Once you gain a tolerance, you don’t get as high as you did when you first started. Even if you manage to lower your tolerance, nothing matches that buzz you got when you first started getting high. Yes, you definitely do still get high, but you know what to expect now. Gone is the excitement of venturing into the unknown territory of getting high. Now it’s just routine, like drinking a cup of coffee. This is not to say that us seasoned tokers don’t have as much fun, nor do we enjoy our high less than a greenhorn does. The feeling is different though.

Everyone Wants To Smoke Them Out

Perhaps the best thing about being a greenhorn stoner is that their friends always want to smoke them out. Everyone loves to smoke out a greenhorn because it’s fun to watch someone get high for the first time, second time, etc. I love smoking with greenhorns because it takes me back to when I first started smoking cannabis. Smoking with a greenhorn enhances my own high.

It’s Less Expensive

Remember when it only took you a couple hits off of a pipe to high? What about only needing one bong hit to get you through the rest of the day? One thing I remember most fondly about being a greenhorn stoner is that I didn’t spend nearly as much money. When I first started smoking, a single would last me for a month. Then as my tolerance began to get higher and I started smoking everyday, I would run out every couple days. There was one point where I was spending three hundred a week on cannabis, or twelve hundred dollars a month.

Greenhorns Are Fun To Be Around

Do you remember the funny things you said the first time you got high? Perhaps not, but you were definitely fun to be around. Why do you think everyone wanted to smoke you out? Greenhorns are so fun to be around because they say some of the most random off-the-wall things. Greenhorns also think everything is funny when they’re stoned. They are constantly laughing, which makes you, the seasoned stoner laugh also.

People Take Good Care Of Greenhorns

Sometimes the greenhorn you’re with will get too high and end up having a bad trip. Then it’s up to the seasoned stoner to take care of them and help them get through it. Bad trips are not fun, but it helps to know that someone is there to watch your back. Sometimes the knowledge that your friend is there to help you because they care, is enough to pull a greenhorn out of a bad trip. I’m not speaking for everyone, but I also feel better about myself when I can help them overcome cannabis anxiety, and help them to enjoy it as I do. The seasoned stoners that I hung out with when I was a greenhorn were always very helpful. They answered any questions I had, and didn’t make me feel like a dumb ass for my lack of knowledge. I also got hooked up constantly because as I stated above, people love smoking out greenhorns.

There’s no way to return to the status of greenhorn once you become a seasoned stoner. Being more experienced has it’s own advantages as well, but being a greenhorn was amazing. I loved when getting high was a new experience. I also loved learning more about this wonderful plant each time I used it.

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What were your favorite things about being a greenhorn stoner? Share in the comments!