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Are There Any Good TV Shows About Weed?

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I’ve spent a lot of time talking about bad TV shows about weed, most notably the embarrassment that was Disjointed. Just thinking about that show makes me feel stabby all over again. It’s time to talk about good TV shows about weed. If you’re fed up with sitcoms that rely on cheap and often racist one liners, then you should check out these shows.

Broad City

I’ve mentioned Broad City a lot on here. I disagree with a lot of the show’s two stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s political stances (that episode guest starring Hillary Clinton last season was just…oof), there’s no denying that the two women have a lot of talent. Cannabis use is featured prominently in the show, but the two female characters are not defined by their cannabis use. This is one of the things that make a good TV show about weed.

Trailer Park Boys

Canada’s Trailer Park Boys is not a smart show on the surface. Its two main characters Ricky and Julian might be dumber than Donald Trump. Trailer Park Boys was one of the smartest shows on television during the height of its run. The show touched on a lot of issues such as alcoholism, criminal justice reform, and class consciousness. Ricky learns that too much power can be corrupting when he becomes the trailer park supervisor in season 4. Jim Lahey and the shirtless Randy are the best gay couple on TV. There are a lot of weed jokes in the show, but the only time they get old is when the plot begins to rely on them too much. Otherwise, TPB is one of the best TV shows about weed of all time.


Like Trailer Park Boys, Workaholics is not thought of as a smart comedy, why does everything have to be intelligent all the time? The three main characters are work as call center drones at the hilariously named “TelAmeriCorp” and spend their nights partying it up, drinking tons of beer and of course, hitting the bong. The show is not particularly groundbreaking as far as comedy goes, but it’s so fun you won’t care. One episode worth watching is when the trio try to reform a Juggalo they “adopt”.


Say what you will about the last half of the series, but the first three seasons of Jenji Kohan’s hit show about a weed dealing mom living in the suburbs is some of the greatest television you will ever see. Former councilman Doug Wilson, played by Kevin Nealon, plays on the stoner stereotypes, but does it in such a hilarious way, one can forgive him for portraying the stereotypical “dumb stoner.”

That 70s Show

That 70s Show was one of the original good TV shows about weed, and indeed one of the first shows to be so blatant about their characters’ cannabis usage. Tommy Chong even becomes one of the show’s regular guest stars. That 70s Show paved the way for all the shows listed above, even Weeds, which is often believed to be the first.

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Did I miss any other good TV shows about weed? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!