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Get Ready: Cannabis Gel Capsules are Coming!

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The largest cannabis company in Canada, Aurora Cannabis, announced today that they would begin marketing and manufacturing cannabis gel capsules. The company stated that they had been officially given the go ahead from Health Canada to sell the gel caps for both the medical and the recreational market. Aurora expects that the cannabis gel capsules will hit the international market sometime early next year.

Aurora is partnering up with gel capsule manufacturers Capcium Inc, to market a bottle of 30 cannabis soft gel pills, priced at $45 a piece. It should be noted here that Aurora owns 19% of Capcium Inc. The company plans to market them first towards medical cannabis users, then eventually the recreational market.

The capsules are being marketed as a safer and more effective method for consuming cannabis. Soft gel capsules work the same as edibles, but unlike edibles, they do not contain added sugars or sodium that some cannabis users would perhaps rather avoid. gel capsules of course are more appealing to potential cannabis consumers who want to avoid the stigma and potential health issues of smoking flower, and who might even be a little wary of vaping. There is also of course the fact that cannabis softgels would be a great way to take in an accurate measured dose.

These pills will likely be a game changer for both the recreational and medical markets, as they will attract people who otherwise would not use cannabis, thus pushing it more into the mainstream. This business venture could likely draw more investors to the industry, which has seen a rough last couple months. Of course the opposite could happen and Aurora Cannabis could end up falling flat on their face. Somehow I doubt it,


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Will marketing cannabis pills be a good thing for consumers, or will this even make a difference? Tell us your thoughts if you care to in the comments below!