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George Zimmer Keynoting CWCBE

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The second annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition (CWCBE) will be taking place in Los Angeles, California this September and the keynote speaker may surprise you. Actually, there are three slated to take part and two of them are about as obvious a choice as pairing peanut butter with jelly, but the third one named will make more than a few heads turn.

First up, there’s Ethan Nadelmann, Founder and Director of the Drug Policy Alliance and the man hailed by Rolling Stone as “the most influential man in the battle for legalization.” Next on the list is Melissa Etheridge, which, if you don’t know who she is, you’re either too young to be perusing this website or you just managed to extricate yourself from one of those borderline cult churches where the women wear homemade culottes and put their waist-length hair up in buns.

But third in the CWCBE’s keynote powerhouse trio is none other than George Zimmer, founder and renowned spokesperson for Men’s Wearhouse. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his signature tagline will: “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.” Yeah . . . that guy. Few are aware, but Zimmer has for years, been an unlikely hero for the cannabis movement, one of the few “suits” of the era to ardently support full legalization. He is also a pioneer in the Conscious Capitalism movement, a renowned philanthropist, and scholar. With cannabis commerce finally crawling out of the shadows into the light of legitimate business, a man with Zimmer’s credentials might be just the ticket to empower the industry to succeed without losing its soul.

The Expo will be taking place September 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and according the website, will “feature the latest technologies, solutions and resources for your cannabis-related company.” For more information, scoot over to their page yourself at