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The Effect Of Fusarium On Marijuana Plants

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As a fungus that resides in soil, if Fusarium finds its way to your plant, it could completely demolish the root system. Each marijuana strain is affected by this fungus in different ways. Certain strains will get Fusarium root rot while others will end up with Fusarium wilt.

If you are growing your plants in a hydroponic system, then you are in luck because Fusarium will not pose a problem. Fusarium can never be present without soil, and occurs only where the weather is warm and humid.

Fusarium tends to mainly affect edible plants that humans would eat or smoke, so this definitely makes it dangerous for marijuana plants.

This article covers:
Warning signs for Fusarium
How to resolve the issue
Symptoms list

Warning signs for Fusarium

Warning signs for Fusarium

The fact that Fusarium can be difficult to identify is a bit of a challenge for growers. Something as simple as this fungus coming into contact with gardening tools or traveling through water could lead to its spread. Fusarium has a way of hiding out in soil, going completely undetected and remaining inactive for many years. The moment Fusarium finds its way to your marijuana plant, it will immediately wake up and begin its dirty work.

Tiny dark spots on your plant’s lower leaves are your first sign that Fusarium may be present. It will not take long for these leaves to turn yellow-brown in color. Then the tips will begin curving upward, and next the leaves will begin to wilt.

The leaves will not drop off, but the stems will sag tremendously. When this happens, it is called “Fusarium wilt.” This is the beginning of the fungus having a devastating effect on your marijuana plant.

It could take longer for the signs of Fusarium root rot to show. You won’t be able to see it at first, but the roots will turn red, and eventually as the fungus moves upward the red color will become more obvious. The stems will become swollen and tear open, and this will heighten the chances of your plant catching diseases and attracting pests. At this point, your plant will completely break down as the Fusarium continues traveling up the stem.

Fusarium will stop up the xylem vessels of marijuana plants, blocking nutrients and water from making its way to the rest of the plant. Root rot is the worst case scenario for your plant. More about root rot in my free grow bible.

How to resolve the issue

How to resolve a fusarium issue

Begin by clearing away the affected areas immediately after you become aware of the problem. Never allow the plant matter to stay there and disintegrate. Leaving it there will cause any other plants grown in the area to be infected.

If you are growing outdoors, your plants are vulnerable to being infected with Fusarium. With this being said, it is best to already have a plan when it’s time to start growing, because the moment your plant has Fusarium you could lose your entire crop.

If you see signs of Fusarium, you have the option of moving the unaffected plants to a different area outdoors, transferring them to an indoor grow room, using pots to grow, or throwing in the towel.

Download my free marijuana grow guide and learn how to resolve Fusarium

There is no way to win against Fusarium once it has appeared. Not only are your plants gone, but so are the seeds that were generated, since seeds assist in spreading the fungus. You will need to get rid of everything.

One important thing you can do is rotate your crop regardless of whether there is a fungus problem. When you always grow your plants in the same place, the soil becomes accustomed to your marijuana plants, which means this is a good location for issues to start.

To keep the problem from occurring in the first place, always sterilize your tools well after using them. It is always a good idea to use compost for your soil because it contains good bacteria that helps to ward off unwanted fungi.

Clay has a higher pH level, so it will restrain fungus. If your area has clay soil, this automatically lessens your chances of a Fusarium attack.

Symptoms list

Fusarium symptoms list

Leaf Symptoms:
– Yellowish brown lower leaves
– Swelling stem
– Leaf is curling upwards
– Wilting leaves
– Breaking open of stem
– Roots are red in color

The US government is actually using Fusarium to kill marijuana plants, so that lets you know just how strong this fungus is. Not only is this fungus destructive, it is also selective and a serious danger to your marijuana plants.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible.