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How Former NFL Star Jim McMahon Used Cannabis to Kick his Pill Habit

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Former Chicago Bears quarterback and Super Bowl champion Jim McMahon has gone through a rather tough time during his years as an NFL player and the years afterward. He’s had 12 knee surgeries, three shoulder surgeries, a torn tendon, a broken elbow, as well as spinal and brain injuries. As a result he’s been prescribed many different types of pain pills.

McMahon survived for many years off of his pain pills. Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, he’s been prescribed them all. According to an interview McMahon gave with, he was taking up to 100 Percocets a month during his NFL career, as well as 5 years after retirement. McMahon was headed down a bad road, until he found relief in cannabis.

“There’s years I don’t remember, just because I was in such a fog,” McMahon comments“That’s when I really started using cannabis to combat my pain. I’ve been an advocate for it for a lot of years, and I’m not ashamed of it.” As well he shouldn’t be. McMahon is hardly the first former NFL star to become a cannabis advocate. He also joins such stars as former Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, who just started his own cannabis lifestyle brand Real Wellness.

McMahon has noticed a huge change in himself since he began using cannabis to treat himself. He doesn’t understand why the NFL continues to keep cannabis on the banned substances list, especially since it’s helped him so much. McMahon’s friends and family even comment on the noticeable change in his appearance and demeanor.

Jim McMahon is hardly the first former NFL star to become a cannabis advocate. Former Heisman trophy winner and Dolphins running back Ricky Williams advocated for cannabis use for NFL athletes for many years before starting his own cannabis lifestyle brand. Cannabis has helped both of them get their lives back and enabled them to enjoy their retirement. Of course this does not only apply to athletes. Pain patients all across the US have been able to use cannabis to get off pain pills.


Image Source: Chicago Tribune

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