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Forget Pokeballs, Check Out These 99% THC Dabbable Dragon Balls!

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Seattle based company X-Tracted Labs has created a revolutionary cannabis oil concentrate. With three thousand grams contained in a glass ball known as the Dragon Balls, the cannabis oil when tested showed levels of 99 percent THC.

According to X-Tracted’s site, they use “light hydrocarbon extraction technology to produce some of the finest hash and hash oil products found in the industry.” It seems that this time, they’ve outdone themselves!

X-Tracted’s team starts out with a concentrate they call “The Clear” which removes everything from the cannabis plant, except for the cannabinoids. They then add back into the concentrate the terpenes that naturally occur in cannabis.

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The reason X-Tracted’s concentration is so high is because they only add in the terpenes that enhance the effects of oil. They customize it to get the aroma and effect they desire. By doing this X-Tracted can make a strain stronger, they can make the aroma and taste of the oil more pleasing, really just about anything that you can imagine.

Even a decade ago, I never imagined that cannabis concentrates would be developed using state of the technology, let alone them being as pure as X-Tracted’s concentrates are. It seems that we’ve reached the future when it comes to cannabis. I can only imagine where we go from here. My next question is, how can I get on and will it turn me into a Saiyan?

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