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Forget Diamonds, These Crystal Dabs Are Your New Best Friend

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Last year, Crystal Pepsi came back to little fanfare; there’s a reason why that soda was discontinued. There’s another kind of crystal that’s making a big splash, I’m talking about crystal dabs of course.

What are crystal dabs, you ask? There are two types: CBD crystal dabs and THC-A. The THC-A ones are dabs that contain 99% THC-A, and they look like well, a bit like crystal meth, but I promise you it’s not crystal meth. As you can imagine, they are extremely potent. Crystal dabs are different from other forms of concentrate. They contain crystalline THC-A, which is a chemical found in pre-decarboxylated cannabis. THC A is the precursor to THC. Over time, THC-A converts into regular THC. This process is called decarboxylation. Unlike THC, THC-A is non psychoactive, but it has tons of therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief, inhibiting abnormal cell growth, and fighting insomnia. THC-A won’t get you high per-se, but it will get you feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Some might ask, what’s the point if it doesn’t get you high? The thing is, smoking (vaping, dabbing, whatever) non psychoactive cannabis, aka medical cannabis is pretty great. It makes you feel super chill both physically and mentally. The last time I used CBD, I had a killer sinus infection, I mean this thing was bad. After smoking a joint it cleared up immediately. There is a lot more to cannabis than just using it to get high (though that is certainly a benefit). I’ve always wanted to try THC-A, as I’ve heard that it’s awesome.

You can also find CBD crystal dabs online (since they are non psychoactive, they are legal to buy), but you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny. They retail at around a $100 per gram. I’m on a mission though. I’m going to try these crystal dabs. I’ll have to give up buying fancy cheese from Whole Foods for a month, but it’ll be worth it.

Image Source: Extract Guru

Have you tried crystal dabs? How did they work for you? Is the price worth it?