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Florida is Refusing to Hire People with Cannabis Experience to Work with Cannabis

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Florida is about to have a major budding industry, by that I of course mean cannabis, which is legal for medical use in Florida. This should be great news for cannabis lovers all over the state, looking forward to finally getting their dream job of working in the cannabis industry, right? As it turns out, cannabis lovers are having trouble getting jobs in the one industry that one would think they’d have no trouble with: the cannabis industry, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Dispensaries and other such businesses are turning down applicants with a prior history of cannabis use, especially in the case of a criminal record. People with prior cannabis charges on their records have a difficult enough time getting a job as it is; one would think that an industry such as this would be friendlier to them. Sadly, this is not the case. Michelle Terrell, a spokesperson for Curaleaf, which just opened a dispensary in Orlando had this to say, “We get hundreds of applications for every job opening we have, and maybe only 10 percent of those are qualified and meet the legal requirements.”

This is problematic for a number for reasons, the main one being that people with cannabis convictions on their records already have a difficult enough time finding jobs. To deny such people (many of whom are PoC) seems like a rather cruel type of irony, which the legal cannabis industry seems to be full of these days.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the dispensary, whether it be for medical or recreational reasons, I would rather have the person helping me know a bit about the stuff. Wouldn’t you?

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Image Source: WUSF News

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