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Florida Man Builds A Car Out Of Cannabis

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Florida businessman Bruce Dietzen of Key West has formed a new eco-friendly company called Renew Sports Cars, and he has also constructed a car with a body made completely out of hemp. The car, which is built on the chassis of a Mazda Miata, is actually “ten times more dent resistant than steel” according to Dietzen. With each part of the car molded by hand, it took him two months to complete construction on a prototype of his car.

Though right now only the body is made out of hemp, it is Dietzen’s goal to eventually create a car constructed entirely out of hemp. According to Dietzen, he expects his cannabis car will impact the environment 23 percent less than a regular car still using gas. Dietzen is currently taking orders from other interested environmentalists, with his models starting at $40,000. He does not plan to mass produce his cars, preferring instead to continue crafting them by hand. Dietzen believes that mass production would be terrible for the environment and would be a bad business model as well.

Dietzen plans to take his cannabis car on a nationwide tour in order to attract financial investors for a documentary series about the history of marijuana in America. Dietzen is a strong advocate in the fight to protect the environment from damages caused by carbon emissions. He doesn’t think that hybrid cars go far enough in reducing either carbon emissions or demand from fossil fuels.

When it comes to saving the planet, Dietzen believes that hemp is the way to go. He says he was inspired by automobile inventor and mogul Henry Ford and his creation of a car made from soybeans released back in the forties. He plans to show his car to the Ford Motor Company as he makes his way to the annual Cannabis Cup this year. Dietzen also plans on meeting with a biofuel company based in Colorado about developing a more biodegradable fuel for his cars. Dietzen has stated that switching from plastics to hemp would be the quickest way to combat climate change, and we applaud his efforts!

You can read more about Mr. Dietzen and his company here, and the original article here!
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