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“Florida Cannabis Act” Gives Florida Cannabis Users Hope

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“We’re going to use science, and we’re going to use stats,” Michael Minardi told the Broward Palm Beach New Times. Minardi is an attorney and cannabis activist in Palm Beach who believes that a Florida Cannabis Act can legalize marijuana in Florida this year.

He has good reason to feel optimistic, at least on a personal level. He won a landmark case that resulted in the acquittal of a medical marijuana patient earlier this year.

Many were surprised by the result, particularly seeing as a medical marijuana ballot failed to pass during the 2014 elections. It fell 3% short of the 60% needed to amend the state’s constitution, meaning a majority of Floridians voted to enact the medical marijuana law.

It shouldn’t have been too surprising, though, and there’s a perfectly fine chance that this initiative could take off. These are only a few in a series of ups and downs for legalization in Florida in recent years.

Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, signed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 in June of that year. It allowed for Charlotte’s Web (a strain famous for its low THC content) to be grown and utilized by a small number of patients in Florida.

Soon thereafter, the hope of medical patients statewide was crushed by the failure of a medical marijuana bill sponsored by State Senator Jeff Brandes, also a Republican.

The Florida Cannabis Act would change everything. Minardi helped to create Regulate Florida, the association behind the new Act. Their platform is simple: regulate marijuana like alcohol, with some basic adaptations to accommodate their differences. Growing up to six plants and purchasing/possessing an ounce of cannabis would be legalized.

It’s a sensible proposal, and we already know the population of the state is tolerant of marijuana – at least to a certain degree. They’re shooting for the 2016 elections and need 683,149 signatures.

You can learn more about how you can help at their website: