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Five Places You Definitely Shouldn’t Light Up

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Unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the places where cannabis is legal, you need to be careful when lighting up in public. Most places are perfectly fine to light up in as long as you’re discreet. However there are some places where it is never okay to light up.


I don’t care how chill or easy your job is, you’re not being paid to smoke cannabis there. If you happen to have that job, then go for it. Also are you hiring? If you’re not one of these people, then don’t light up at work. This is especially pertinent if you have a job that requires you to operate machinery or you’re driving a school bus. Unless your boss is okay with you smoking on the job (and I can’t imagine why he or she would be) don’t do it.


Even if it’s an empty parking lot, don’t light up there. Unlike other parking lots, there is always someone watching. That someone is usually a nosey church lady. She will see what you are doing and she will not like it. Then you will have the cops called on you. Then you will have to explain why you were smoking weed at a church. Regardless your religious beliefs, this will make you look like a real piece of shit when you have to go before a judge. Stick to catching Pokemon there.

Jail/ Courthouse

I shouldn’t have to explain this one, but some have done this. One guy I knew (I won’t call him a friend) went to jail for something stupid. When one of his buddies came and bailed him out, he decided to celebrate by light up in the parking lot of the jail. Needless to say, he was caught and arrested again. I’m told the booking officer called him “a special kind of stupid.” The same goes if you’re at a courthouse. There are cops everywhere. On the plus side there are also plenty of lawyers too.


Yes, I know cannabis is a medicine. That doesn’t mean that you should light up at a hospital. There are sick people there, some children, some elderly. There are people there getting the worst news of their lives and unless they are asking for a hit off your joint, you need to respect them and not light up. When I say hospital I am including the parking lot. Sometimes there are cops at hospitals too.

In A Playground/ School

Don’t light up anywhere where there are likely to be children present. I hope I don’t need to explain why. Again, it’s disrespectful to them and their parents. Feel free to go play on the playground after you smoke as much as you want. Playing on the playground is awesome when you’re stoned. It may be tempting to hot box the slide, but really there are so many other places you can hotbox.

Most of these are really common sense. Why would you be tempted to smoke in a place that is crawling with cops. You’d be surprised what people think that they can get away with. Smoke out in public all you want. There are definitely good places to light up. Try one of those instead.

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