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First Las Vegas Dispensary Opens

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It’s official: Las Vegas now has a medical marijuana dispensary. Euphoria Wellness has opened its doors on 7780 S Jones Blvd, making it the second dispensary to open since the state made it possible to apply for permits in 2013.

The selection on their website suggests that they’re still getting started. They feature a limited menu with pre-rolls and dried bud, with promises of extracts and edibles soon to come. There are six available strains: Cheese, Strawberry Cough, Kosher Kush, San Fernando Valley, RKS and Blue Dream. Prices range from $17 to $20 a gram ($178-$214 for a half ounce), with discounts available for veterans, seniors and regular visitors.

They also offer free delivery in the area for the time being. All you need is the right paperwork, which they’re being very careful with. A few patients who were unable to produce the proper authorization were turned away on opening day.

This comes in the wake of some disappointing results for many Las Vegas dispensary applicants. The state and county have been in disagreement, leaving those applying for a permit in limbo.

Nonetheless, it’s a sign of hope for those still in line. Euphoria Wellness was supposed to open in April, but potential trouble with Clark County prevented things from moving forward as planned. Their opening paves the way for many more to come, though it may be a trickle.

“This is going to be a successful industry in Nevada that brings in good jobs,” Sen. Patricia Farley, R-Las Vegas, told the Las Vegas Sun. “We’re getting out of our own way now.”