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Why the Fastest Growing Cannabis Companies Are Coming from Colorado

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States like California and Nevada that passed recreational cannabis in 2016 are definitely the hottest topic in the cannabis community. Investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers are eager to see how cannabis companies will differentiate themselves in aggressive new markets. However, companies from one state have an edge. In Colorado, recreational cannabis has been around for almost 4 years now, and companies from the Centennial State are using their experience to quickly expand their operations to other recreational marijuana markets such as Washington, California, Nevada, and Oregon.

New cannabis businesses are sprouting at an extremely quick rate. Some will succeed, but only the strongest and the best will survive. Cannabis Companies based in Colorado, the first state to begin operating a recreational marijuana market, have had more time to work on a viable recreational marijuana business model, establish their business, and perfect it. Hence why Colorado is often held up as a bellwether by other states that have either legalized cannabis, or plan on doing it in the near future.

When you think about the best way to build a national empire, what would be your next move after establishing yourself in your home state? Naturally, you should do your research and expand into areas where you are similarly poised to succeed. Two such Colorado-based companies that are embracing this strategy are Leafbuyer, a site dedicated to connecting users to the best local marijuana dispensaries and deals, and LivWell Enlighted Health, a sophisticated chain of dispensaries and currently the largest cannabis employer in the state of Colorado. Both companies are expanding their operations into Oregon, which legalized recreational marijuana sales two years ago.

Not only do companies such as Leafbuyer and LivWell benefit from expanding their territory, cannabis consumers who live in these areas do as well. Now, Oregon residents will have the privilege of using Leafbuyers’s cannabis services for finding the best deals on ounces of flower or grams of cannabis concentrates or searching on website’s expansive cannabis job board. LivWell currently operates 14 locations and has chosen to open up their 15th in the Springfield, OR. Cannabis consumers looking for a different type of marijuana dispensary will appreciate the luxury and all-around professionalism of LivWell Enlightened Health’s business model.

This trend is only just starting. Other Colorado cannabis companies will surely follow suit to expand and solidify their consumer-centric national cannabis empires.