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This Executive Just Left PayPal For The Cannabis Industry

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The fact that more and more high-powered executives are leaving positions at multinational corporations for the cannabis industry should tell you a couple things: the cannabis industry is very profitable, and it’s probably not going anywhere. PayPal’s Global Head of Social and Digital Media David Peck is reportedly leaving PayPal to take on a position at KIND Financial. Peck will be taking over as the Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO. KIND Financial is a tech company that, among other things, works with cannabusinesses to ensure that they are compliant with government regulations.

Peck will not actually be working with cannabis. Instead his role will be working with businesses to ensure that they are compliant with their local laws. “My role at KIND and the company itself is not focused on the product necessarily. It’s focused on compliance and providing an ecosystem of finance and compliance solutions to make the entire business lifecycle easier,” he said.

When he was at PayPal, Peck was in charge of digital marketing. He also wrote “Think Before You Engage: 100 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Social Media Marketing Campaign.” He hopes that he can bring his expertise from his years at PayPal and apply it to the budding industry.

Peck is of course not the first high powered executive to leave a giant corporation for the cannabis industry. Alan Gertner was a corporate strategist for Google. He left to start Tokyo Smoke, a cannabis company geared toward the luxury cannabis market. Lance Galey, left a position at Microsoft to become the CTO at Massroots. It’s like these smart business guys know that the cannabis industry is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest industries in the US, if not the world.

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