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Everything Your First Real Bong Should Have

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Most greenhorn stoners are awfully hesitant to buy their own glass, so they’ll end up trying to create their own pieces, with variable results. Don’t wait! The time you go off to buy your first real bong is a day that you will never forget.

High Quality Glass

A nice bong is likely going to be made of high quality borosilicate glass and have a good glass thickness. There are many places and websites to buy water pipes made with lower-quality glass, and while they might present the same image of a bong made with high quality glass, knockoffs will certainly show their wear and tear soon out of the box. Spend the extra money and get a bong made with borosilicate glass that will last years with proper cleaning and care.

A Downstem

If you were smarter than your average bear, it’s likely your homemade bong did have a downstem of some kind, but even for those who did accomplish this feat, it can’t compare to the sized-to-fit components of a downstem for a glass on glass joint in a water pipe. A downstem is an essential piece to a bong in any case, because without it your smoke doesn’t actually penetrate into the water for effective diffusion. Downstems also can provide extra diffusion depending on its make.


One of the most important factors in determining the value of your bong is the amount of percolation your bong produces within each hit. From trees to honeycoms, sprinklers to UFOs, the world of percolation is a big place. If you’ve yet to smoke with a percolator, it’s something you need to get fixed ASAP. Percolation greatly improves each hit by cooling, filtering, and dispersing the smoke in a way that is most efficient for getting stoned.

Standard Joint And Bowl Size

Homemade bongs and bowls can only get you so far, and by that I mean due to the fact that every homemade bong is custom, it’s nearly impossible to improve your piece or share pieces with others. When you buy a glass piece, it usually will fit to a standard joint size of either 9mm, 14, or 18mm. This standard size allows you to buy bowls, downstems, and ashcatchers for your piece that will always fit perfectly into your bong, so you can be free of fear of accidentally dropping your one of a kind bowl, because you could just order another one!

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What was your first real bong like? Let us know in the comments!