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Ever Wanted a Willy Wonka Style Tour of a Weed Factory? Now’s Your Chance!

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Have you ever wanted to take a Willy Wonka style tour through a cannabis processing and  manufacturing plant? Now, you may actually get a chance.

Cannabis tourism has arrived in sunny California, and it has arrived in a big way. Now that recreational cannabis has hit California, many are trying to get a piece of the pie that is cannabis tourism. Among them is a craft cannabis brand called Flow Kana, who recently purchased what was formerly a winery in Mendocino, California. The 80 acres of land was formerly the site of Fetzer Winery. The “factory” will be called the Flow Cannabis Institute, Business Insider reports.

Anyone who is not familiar with Flow Kana should definitely check them out. They started out as a delivery company in 2014 in San Francisco. Now, they pride themselves on only dealing with locally sourced cannabis, grown without pesticides.

The Flow Cannabis Institute is basically every stoner’s dream, especially those among us who have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and saw the movie a million times as a kid (that acid trip boat scene is still one of the scariest and trippiest things I’ve ever seen on film). Of course, the Flow Cannabis Institute will be nothing like Willy Wonka’s; last time I checked there was no acid trip boat ride from hell.

There will also be no actual growing of cannabis at the site. Instead, the Flow Cannabis Institute aims to educate visitors about the cannabis industry. Hopefully this will help destigmatize it somewhat.They hope to eventually have a cannabis tasting room, similar to the wine tasting rooms at the end of winery tours. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a ton of fun to me. I love learning new things about cannabis.

Source: Business Insider

Image Source: Wine Spectator

Would you go on a Willy Wonka style tour in a cannabis factory? Tell us in the comments!