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Even If You Smoke For Fun You’re Using Cannabis As Medicine

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Cannabis users are divided into two different groups: recreational and medical. If you are using cannabis to treat for example, epilepsy, then you use cannabis as medicine. If you load a bowl because you are ready to unwind after a long day’s work, then you are a recreational user. Pretty simple, right? Actually, there is less difference between the two than you might realize. If you really sit down and think about the reasons why recreational users choose to use cannabis, everyone is using cannabis as medicine.

Think about it. Why do you use cannabis? I started using cannabis because I found it to be an enjoyable activity that I could do with friends and it made me feel good. I continue to use cannabis because it helps me deal with bipolar disorder and anxiety, both of which I was diagnosed with as a teenager. I found the medication that I was diagnosed with to be not only completely ineffective, in some cases my pills did the complete opposite of what they were supposed to do. They made me feel worse than the initial conditions did, which is why I went back to smoking weed. Cannabis keeps me from going through debilitating depression spirals that would otherwise make it difficult for me to work and go to school. That’s my medicine. I just also happen to have a lot of fun when I’m using it.

I’m not alone in my experiences. Many people have ditched their anxiety meds or antidepressants because cannabis is more effective and because it makes them feel better. Cannabis is helping you in some way, right? Otherwise why would you keep using it? This is what medicine does. I’ve had this argument with many people. Alcohol and other drugs make people feel better, they say. Why are they not medicine? Drugs like alcohol, heroin, and methamphetamine don’t actually “help”  treat anything. They simply mask the symptoms of whatever you’re trying to treat. Then the effects wear off and you feel worse. That hangover that you get after a night of binge drinking is your body’s way of coping and telling you not to do that anymore. Cannabis doesn’t do that. It actually treats symptoms rather than masking them.

Does using cannabis help you in some way? Does it make it easier for you to get out of bed and go to a crappy minimum wage job? Does cannabis make it easier to deal with the anxiety of worrying about paying your rent, or keeping food on the table? If this is you, then you are using cannabis as medicine.

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