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Even Netflix has a Strain of Cannabis Now

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It used to be that when you became a celebrity it was only a matter of time until you came out with a signature perfume or cologne. Of course now the big thing is signature cannabis strains, just ask Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Ziggy Marley. It was only a matter of time before a big brand like Netflix came out with their own signature cannabis strains.

Variety reports that Netflix has begun offering new strains inspired by the names, characters, and general references to their shows. This is part of a promotion for the new Netflix original series Disjointed, which debuted last Friday. That show’s strains are The Omega Strain, Rutherford B Haze, and Eve’s Bush. Others include Banana Stand Kush inspired by Arrested Development, Prickly Muffin which is recognizable by fans of Bojack Horseman. Fans of Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later will definitely want to get their hands on Camp Firewood, described as a “super chill indica.”

Of course Netflix is not selling its cannabis strains online, since a large portion of their customer base does not live in legal states. Instead, the streaming service opened up a “pop up” dispensary called Alternative Health Herbal Services, located in Hollywood.

This kind of gives new meaning to the phrase “Netflix and chill”, doesn’t it? I wonder if other streaming services like Hulu will follow in their footsteps. Will Amazon come out with its own strains, available only for Prime members? Maybe HBO will too? I would love to smoke a strain inspired by Game of Thrones.

Source: Variety

Image Source: AV Club

Would you try any of these strains while binge watching your favorite shows? Tell us all about it!