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Epileptic Boy Has Seizure Right After his CBD is Confiscated

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An epileptic 12 year old UK boy who had his CBD oil confiscated suffered a seizure for the first time in months. Billy Caldwell had his CBD taken away last month while going through customs. His mother Charlotte said that the UK government was essentially signing his death warrant. The Caldwells had just returned from Canada with a six month supply of CBD. She posted a video of Billy’s seizure on Facebook in the group “Keep Billy Alive.”

Charlotte is not giving up on getting her son’s medicine. She has met with the policing minister Nick Hurd and recently held a press conference urging that Billy’s medicine be returned, adding that “any seizure could be life threatening.” She has urged members of Keep Billy Alive to email MP Hurd and urge him to return the epileptic boy’s medicine.

Billy has seen enormous progress since he began taking CBD oil. Prior to trying CBD he would have upwards of one hundred seizures a day. Now he’s gone several months without a seizure, that is until now. He had been prescribed the medicine in the UK, but his doctor was forced to rescind the prescription, or risk losing his medical license.

The Home Office had this to say, “The policing minister met Ms Caldwell and advised her that despite these extremely difficult circumstances, it is unlawful to possess Schedule 1 drugs such as those seized at the border [yesterday] morning without a license.”

What the UK government is doing should be considered child abuse.

Source: Independent

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