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Elderly Couple Busted with Large Amount of Pot, Claims it’s for Christmas Presents

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This week, in rather odd news, an elderly California couple was busted in Nebraska for having 60 pounds of pot in their pickup truck. Wait, it gets more bizarre. When asked by York County deputies why they had it, the couple (who are in their eighties, mind you) claimed the cannabis was for Christmas presents. Those are some lucky family members they’ve got there!. All I got for Christmas from my grandparents were socks and vague religious propaganda.

Someone was going to have a merry Christmas. Image Source: Lincoln Journal Star

The couple was pulled over when cops noticed the driver veering over the center line, as well as forgetting to signal. As soon as the deputies approached the car, they said they could smell the weed. I’m sure the smell of sixty pounds would be next to impossible to disguise. The street value of the cannabis was estimated to be at 336,000 dollars.

The 80 year old man and 83 year old woman were driving from Clearlake Oaks, California to Vermont. They were arrested for possession with intent to deliver. I really hope they don’t decide to throw this elderly couple in jail. They don’t need to be there and there’s no point in wasting taxpayer dollars on housing them. This is the American judicial system we’re talking about here.

I completely believe that this couple was driving to Vermont to visit their family and bring them the gift of green. I imagine this was their crop for the year and they wanted to share it with the people they love for the holidays. Then the cops and federal prohibition laws had to ruin everything. I hope they can still have a good holiday.


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