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The Effects of Marijuana on Dogs

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While it is true that nobody recorded has died from a cannabis overdose, it isn’t confirmed that cannabis is nothing but healthy. Small children, people inexperienced with cannabis, and your pets, are all examples of individuals that can easily have a negative reaction to THC ingestion.

Pets can get high just as easily as humans do, and feel similar effects after ingesting cannabis as humans do as well; abnormal heart rhythms, disorientation, loss of focus; but pets also experience some symptoms that are not common when ingested by humans, such as incontinence or seizures in some cases.

While it’s true that your pets have just as much of an opportunity to have a pleasant high, or experience medical benefits from cannabis, it is just as common for pets to be intoxicated by cannabis, and many reports of animals needing medical assistance due to ingesting too much cannabis. According to a study released in 2012, only two dogs have died due to cannabis poisoning. Both cases involved situations when the dogs consumed cannabis infused butter.

There are also some cases of dogs and cats being placed into medical care for days, being given IV-fluids and other prescriptions for comas caused by cannabis ingestion. Although there appears to be more evidence out there leaning towards the idea that cannabis is always harmful to your pets, there are also those out there looking to explore the benefits of medical-marijuana in both humans and animals.

The late “vet guru” Doug Kramer prescribed a dosage of cannabinoid oil to his aging dog that suffered from chronic pain. He claimed that his prescription of the herb gave his dog 6 more weeks of enjoyable life. He also started the Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics, the country’s first veterinary office to prescribe the use of cannabis as part of pet’s medical treatments. Some experts believe that medical marijuana treatments can help cure animals of similar symptoms that it cures in humans, ranging from arthritis, to nausea, to anxiety. Although there is as much potential as there is risk, it’s highly cautioned to provide your pet with cannabis until more studies have been done on the matter.

There’s varying opinions on whether or not it is safe to get your pet high. Personally, I’m just going to keep my edibles out of reach either way. What kind of experiences have you had with a stoned pet? Have they been positive, negative, or a little of both? Share your stories in the comments!