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Dry Herb, Oil, Wax: Which Vaporizer​ Does It Best?

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No matter whether you’re using oil, wax or dry herb, a vaporizer lets you ingest cannabinoids without taking in the unhealthy carcinogens of the rolling papers and plant matter. While it can be hard to find the perfect device, especially depending on what kind of concentrate you plan to use, spending a little extra effort is definitely worth it. The following are some of the best vaporizers for dry herb, oil and wax that will help you make a healthier smoking choice this year.

Before picking any device, it’s important to know what type of cannabis extract you enjoy the most. Making the switch from smoking herb to using a vaporizer is a healthier, more discrete alternative. Consider changing up your routine and speak with an expert if you want advice on what device will work best with your lifestyle.

Feature Image: Vaping360