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Drive Through Dispensary Will Offer Ganja On The Go

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In an era that values speediness and convenience, it was only a matter of time before someone opened a drive through dispensary. Now it looks like we are finally going to be getting one. Where else, but Colorado?

The state of Colorado continues to lead the US in cannabis innovation by opening the first drive through dispensary in the town of Parachute, Colorado. The dispensary, cleverly titled “Tumbleweed Express” is owned by the Colorado based Green Cross, and will be opening up next month at a site that was once a car wash. Of course, the same rules that apply to all other dispensaries will apply here. No one under 21 will be allowed in the drive through, and yes they will be IDing everyone in the vehicle.

The Parachute town Board of Trustees approved Tumbleweed Express’ business license just last week. The town manager Stuart McArthur was very supportive of the idea, in part because it will draw customers from all over Colorado, including from the Denver/ Boulder area.

We think the drive-thru is a very creative and innovative idea,” McArthur said in an interview with the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. “The really good news is that other businesses are benefiting from it.Parachute mayor Roy McClung acknowledges that cannabis sales have saved his town’s economy. Almost thirty percent of Parachute’s sales taxes came from cannabis sales in 2016.

There’s no doubt that the drive through dispensary will add to that revenue, drawing people in not only from all over the state, but outside of Colorado as well. Parachute was hit really hard by the dropping of natural gas prices. The town’s economy was tanking and Parachute was likely headed toward becoming a ghost town. Then cannabis came along and brought this town, and likely many others like it, back from the brink. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely hitting up the drive through next month.

It goes to show you just how beneficial of a plant cannabis actually is. It even benefits people who do not use it. Cannabis lovers have been given endless crap for decades and now we are slowly but surely saving America.

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Source: Glenwood Springs Post Independent

Image Source: Chicago Tribune

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