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Dosages of CBD Oil

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a compound found in hemp. It contains a little THC, the compound in marijuana plants that makes you high. You should look for an oil that contains 0.3% THC or less. 

Is CBD oil right for you?

How do you know if taking CBD oil will benefit you? Most users of the product suffer from anxiety, arthritis, and insomnia. Those who take it have reported less day-to-day anxiety. They’ve also noted a calming of irrational thoughts.

Others see an improvement in focus. For those of us who have high-stress jobs that require multitasking, CBD oil will benefit you.

Have trouble falling asleep? Can’t turn your brain off? Those who take CBD report falling asleep faster and a better night’s sleep. 

Chronic Pain Sufferers

CBD oil is also used for pain management from inflammation caused by arthritis. It benefits people suffering from other chronic pain conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.

The FDA has approved medication to treat some forms of epilepsy as well as anorexia in patients experiencing weight loss. This proves the validity of CBD oil.

How do I take CBD supplements?


The most common way to take this product is in the form of tinctures. It comes in a vial with an eyedropper. The eyedropper has marked dosages, making it easy to tell if you’re taking the correct amount.

Some place the dose under the tongue. Others add it to smoothies or even their morning cup of coffee! It also comes in different flavors like cinnamon and wintergreen.

Other Methods

There are several ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It’s available in vape form, pills, and even yummy gummies. You can also buy a roll-on for external use. However you want to take it, there is something for everyone! Even your pet can take CBD for the treatment of anxiety and arthritis. You already give them treats, and giving your pet medication is a headache!

How many drops should I take?

The dosage depends on several factors like age, weight, sex, and severity of your condition. It’s also essential to take into consideration any other medications you’re taking.

Where to start

The dosage, to begin with, is one drop every 12 hours. For those who are experiencing severe pain, you can try 2-3 drops 2-3 times a day. 

Not everyone will have the same reaction, so you’ll need to tweak the dosage. The critical thing to remember is to be patient! While some see benefits in as little as 20 minutes, it may take up to a month before you start seeing a difference.

Where to buy?

Buy CBD online or from your local health store. CBD oil quality is important, therefore you should always go to a trusted source. 

Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate

When looking for CBD, you may notice there are two choices: isolate and full-spectrum. Go for the full-spectrum. It contains a blend of cannabinoids and treats a broader range of symptoms. Isolate has limited benefits.

Check the company’s Certificate of Analysis. A good company will have their lab results posted on their website. Top-quality brands will also have their product tested by a third party.

Hemp Source

The highest quality hemp is grown in Europe and the U.S. Look for an organic hemp source.


CBD can be extracted by CO2, olive oil, dry ice, or solvent-based methods. The CO2 extraction method is considered superior. It is expensive but provides high-quality products. Always choose quality over cost. 

Final thoughts

The benefits of CBD are still being discovered. Why not enjoy the benefits now? It is a risk-free way to treat a variety of symptoms. Do your research before making a purchase.



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