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Some of the Dopest Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen!

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Some people have tattoos to broadcast their story to the world, and others have tattoos to keep as reminders of what’s important. For us, that could very-well mean inking our bodies with leaves and buds to show off our love for cannabis, or support the movement. Check out some of the awesome ink people have to show off their green friendliness below!

1. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go~

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Peace and Bud, for all

Image Source: GrassCity Forums

3. ‘A lil’ plant never hurt nobody’

Image Source: HighTimes

4. Buds for life!

Image Source: Stoner’s Cookbook

5. “They call it the ‘Never-Ending Roach’”

Image Source: Pinterest

6. Check out the chemical composition of THC, for, you know, when you get tested on it.

Image Source:

7. Look at how detailed this is!

Image Source:

8. This leaf is so clean! ~The simplest tattoos can be the best when done well~

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Anybody want to make some toast?

Image Source: TheStoner’sCookbook

Do you have awesome body art that shows off your 4/20 spirit? How about some pineapples? Share comments and pictures with us in the comments!