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Don’t Be Like Permit Patty

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Last weekend a woman who the internet has been colloquially referring to as Permit Patty called the police on an eight year old black girl who was selling water without a permit. The video, which went viral over the weekend, shows Alison Ettel standing on the sidewalk talking on the phone with who she claims to be the cops. Ettel would later claim that she was only pretending to call the cops on a little 8 year old girl selling water on a hot day.

Oh wait, it gets better. It turns out Permit Patty was the CEO of Treatwell Health, a medical cannabis company that specializes in selling cannabis for dogs. This should serve as a reminder that even people involved in the cannabis industry can be narcs and jerks. It gets even better than this! It turns out that Ettel was operating her business illegally, as she did not have (get ready for this) a permit! Hypocrisy, thy name is Permit Patty!

Things have gotten worse for Ettel. Her business took a serious hit, as one by one the dispensaries and other vendors that she was working with began to sever ties with her. She began receiving death threats, and finally was forced to resign as CEO of Treatwell.

The whole Permit Patty debacle has shined an unwanted light on the cannabis industry. People are calling it the height of white privilege that this white woman who was selling cannabis illegally felt that she had the right to call the cops on a young black girl, and they absolutely should. Those of you who are reading this who are in the cannabis industry should take note: don’t be like Permit Patty. Don’t call the cops on people, especially little girls selling water. Don’t get caught selling your cannabis products without a permit either. Legalization opponents are looking for a reason to get the industry shut down and you are just going to end up making things harder for us all.

Don’t be like Permit Patty.

Image Source: BBC

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