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Does Cannabis Lower Sperm Count?

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A recent study published by the University of Copenhagen has suggested that smoking cannabis more than once a week could potentially lower a man’s sperm count. Whether that is a good or a bad thing really depends on where you’re at in your life, but before you stop pulling out, you may want to take a closer look at the parameters of the study.

The study examined the habits and physiology of 1,215 Danish men between the ages of 18 and 28, who gave information about their drug use over the preceding three months and provided a semen sample. Researchers found what they considered to be a correlation between smoking pot more than once a week and a significantly lowered sperm count, 29% on average, to be exact. However, while it is indeed possible that THC may interact negatively with receptors in the testes, researchers admitted that it might also be possible that other factors came into play, such as alcohol and/or nicotine, since a majority of those who said “yes” to smoking up also indicated that they had enjoyed both of the aforementioned vices as well. To sum up, the results were not conclusive, but made a damn good headline for the anti-pot propaganda machine.

To those men out there trying to have a child (um, why??): just for the sake of caution, you might want to cut back on the ganj a little. To those who have spent their lives avoiding responsibility: few things make better bedfellows than weed and sex, so for now, keep toking up, but keep wrapping it up.