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How A Discovery About Yeast Will Completely Change the World of Weed

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A new discovery about yeast is set to change the way we grow weed forever, Scientific American reported. Of course yeast has brought humankind many joys in this world, namely beer and bread, but it may turn out to be the cannabis plant’s new best friend. Researchers at UC Berkeley have discovered how to convert yeast into cannabinoid compounds THC and CBD. This is huge and could change the way we grow cannabis for good.

How does it work? It’s quite similar to the way yeast converts sugar into alcohol. The microbes are converted into THC and CBD in much the same way. According to researchers, two different types of yeast turn into either CBD or THC. The microbes have the ability to produce CBGA, which is converted into either CBD or THC depending on the particular enzyme present in the type of yeast. The research team at UC Berkeley discovered this by inserting genes from the cannabis plant with yeast, causing them to reproduce cannabis compounds at an astounding rate.

This Discovery Will Change Everything!

This discovery will change the cannabis game, in just about every way that you can imagine. First off, there’s growing to consider. Cannabis is not exactly the most environmentally friendly plant to grow; it requires a lot of water and most growing operations take up a considerable amount of space. “Growing” cannabis using yeast effectively eliminates this problem. This will make it easier for companies that make edibles and tinctures to keep up with the demand for their products.

It’s not just the way we grow that will be changed. There’s also cannabis research to consider. Research on cannabis in the US has been severely restricted due to it being federally illegal. Cannabis that is grown for research purposes is in extremely poor quality, which naturally does not yield accurate results when it comes to studying the effectiveness of cannabis as medicine. Now that we know we can turn yeast into cannabinoids, we can bypass the restrictions on growing cannabis and produce enough cannabinoids to conduct unlimited amounts of research. We may finally understand all of the things the cannabis plant can do. This could lead to advancements in the field of medicine, as well as help expedite full legalization/decriminalization.

More on this exciting discovery as it develops!

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