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What is a Diffuser Downstem and Why Use One?

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If you are somewhat new to the wonderful world of weed, or are picking the habit back up after many years off, you’ve probably heard of a diffuser downstem. If not this is something that you should familiarize yourself with because a good portion of bongs that you will find today come with one. If you’re not familiar with a one, consider this your quick guide!

What is a Diffuser?

Simply put, a diffuser performs the same function as a percolator in that it cools and filters the smoke as you inhale. A diffuser is a simpler type of percolator, typically on the downstem of the bong, bubbler or dab rig. There are quite a few different varieties of diffuser downstems that you can find right here on Grasscity. While they all perform the same function, you may find you prefer some over others

What are the Different Types of Diffuser Downstems?

One of the most common types of diffuser downstems is the slitted diffuser. This diffuser consists of a series of slits along the bottom of the downstem. Why is the slitted diffuser one of the most popular types of downstem? Simple. It does the job and does not clog as easily as other types of diffusers. If you’re not familiar with diffuser downstems, or despise maintaining your bong, this is probably your best bet.

Another you should be familiar with, especially if you’re a fan of ROOR glass, is the pearl diffuser. A pearl diffuser consists of small holes dotting the bottom of the downstem. They make your hit extra bubbly, like the jets in a hot tub, but for your lungs! The only downside is that the small holes can get clogged, hence why you should consider using a precooler with your water pipe!

Next up we have the showerhead diffuser downstem, which consists of a tapered end covered in small slits, as opposed to an open ended tube as most downstems are. While I normally love showerhead percs, I find that these particular types of downstems tend to have less airflow and get clogged almost as soon as the bong gets even a little bit resonated. If you are planning on using a showerhead diffuser, I would highly recommend that you use screens or an ash catcher to keep that glass as clean as possible.

Lastly, we have the 4 arm diffuser, similar to a tree perc consisting of 4 separate arms or tubes, with little slits at the end (think a slitted diffuser, but with 4 times the diffusion!). While these are great for providing a bit of an extra kick, they are more likely to break on you when cleaning them, so be careful!

Why Use a Diffuser Downstem?

The main reason to use a diffuser downstem? It makes your hits so much smoother than hitting from an open ended downstem. No one wants to feel like they’re coughing up a lung when taking a hit. A diffuser downstem makes the bong hit taste so much better too. You can actually taste the flavors of your strain and just a little bit less of the butane. Indeed one of the more annoying things about smoking from a bong is having to clear the stale smoke. Diffuser downstems make clearing the bong not nearly the chore it once was.

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Why do you use a diffuser downstem? Which is your favorite type? Tell us in the comments!