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The Difference Between Joints, Spliffs, And Blunts

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For all those stoners who love to roll, you know that there are dozens upon dozens of possibilities when considering the types of paper available, the types of bud you can use, the style of your role, and even whether or not you want to add something else into the mix (although I only use tobacco). There are plenty of variations of from the traditional roll, but the most important ones to know are joints, spliffs, and blunts.


A joint is the most common type of rolled smoking device. Joints are simply marijuana rolled in rice or hemp papers. These papers aren’t harsh at all, and help bring out the true flavors of your bud. Joints can be rolled in just about any shape you want, and the nice thing about rolling joints or spliffs means you have the largest selection of rolling papers for your endeavors. Do you want something with flavor? We got that. You just want a really huge roll? We got that. Maybe you want golden rolling papers. We got that.


Spliffs are a lot like joints. They both are usually rolled in hemp or rice paper, and tend to be smaller in size. What makes spliffs different from joints is the inside is filled with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. While many people obviously don’t smoke cigarettes or tobacco, and I’m not encouraging you to, I will say if you’ve ever smoked a spliff you know that with high-quality tobacco and bud you can get some pretty tasty rolls. Some tobacco-smokers will also use spliffs as a sort of baby-step to quit smoking cigarettes, however I can’t speak to its effectiveness.


The blunt is the powerhouse of the roll brothers, and for good reason. What makes blunts special is that to roll them, you traditionally use a tobacco leaf. This gives off a similar taste to mixing tobacco into your herb, but it isn’t nearly as harsh. A blunt is fairly widely recognized as the ultimate smoking device for parties or large groups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t roll yourself one after a long day! When rolling your blunt, most people just fill it with herb to counter the tobacco leaf, however just as many people mix in tobacco and make it even stronger.

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So what’s your favorite to smoke with? Joints, spliffs, or blunts?