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How You Develop Tolerance To Cannabis

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Any stoner who has been smoking for a few years has definitely had the experience of a growing tolerance to the effects of their bud. When faced with such a situation most people simply take a tolerance break (t-break) for a few days and get right back to lighting up, but how often do you stop and really ask yourself: Why is my weed tolerance so high? If you do, hopefully this clears some of it up for you.

Body Type

Just like how your body will affect how high you’ll get when you’re smoking, your body will also determine how your tolerance develops, and how long it will take for you to reset. Smaller individuals will usually experience more potent effects from smoking, and they’re also likely to have their tolerance reset rapidly. Individuals with more body mass or a higher fat-content percentage will find that their body has absorbed more THC into the fat cells, and so it will take more time to excrete the THC than other individuals. Factors such as your diet and level of activity will greatly affect your tolerance. If you’re in a rush for a reset, try regularly exercising during your next t-break.


An obvious determiner of whether or not you’ll develop a tolerance, and severe it will be, is how long and how much you’ve smoked cannabis in your life. It’s relatively uncommon for stoners who smoke irregularly to develop a tolerance, but those who have been toking it up daily for the past couple years are sure to feel diminished highs at some point. While it is true that most experienced stoners have had experience with this blight, the solution is as easy as taking a few days to a couple weeks away from the herb, and they’re back to getting as high and giggly as a greenhorn.

It’s A Natural Effect Of Toking

Regardless of whether or not you’re in perfect shape or fresh to the cannabis smoking game, your body will eventually develop a tolerance, because science. Several studies have been published looking into the development and effects of tolerance in cannabis smokers. Their findings have shown that regardless of physical attributes or experience, everyone can develop a tolerance. One study claims the experienced effects stem from a “metabolic tolerance arising from decreased sensitivity of the target cells.” One note of intrigue among these studies is the belief that cannabis tolerance does not create a sense of dependance in stoners, and that tolerance levels can be reset without any physical signs of dependance or withdrawal in the subject.

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