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Destiny Developers Announce ‘Rise of Iron’ Fourth DLC Addition

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Since 2014, Destiny has graced the homes of millions with it’s mystical post-apocalyptic world and combat system. Despite having a rough start after launch, Destiny has made a name for itself through continuous improvement and feedback from developers. Destiny is considered one of the most unique games in this generation of consoles, between it’s unique class system and it’s integration of other RPG elements has allowed Destiny to blossom in a gap between genres and create a multi-million gamer following.

These past few months fans have been feeling left out, since the last expansion The Taken King was released this past September Bungie has been relatively quiet on announcements for the future of the game, despite several leak reports and rumors circulating the internet. Fortunately, today Bungie broke the silence and confirmed the release of another DLC pack for players, and is set to go live later this year.

Rise of Iron

Destiny developers confirmed the release of the next DLC with a live stream preview of the content earlier today. Set to release September 20 this year, Rise of Iron is the fourth DLC addition to the game, promising players a collection of new story quests, new items, increased light cap, as well as a guaranteed Gjallarhorn for every player once they complete a quest included in the DLC. (remember when that was the meta in year one? I know you do.) Players who pre-order the expansion pack, however, will receive a special edition of the weapon. (below)

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Rise of Iron pits guardians against an old foe with new power, similar to the themes of past DLCs. This time the Fallen have dug themselves into a treasure trove of Golden Age technology, and discovered ancient technological plague, the official description reads:

“Guardians must rise to the challenge to take their place as the next generation of Iron Lords. Along the way they will join forces with a legend from humanity’s Golden Age to defeat a plague of unstoppable evil once and for all.”

The DLC promises players will gain access to new story missions and allow players to become Iron Lords, members of a banner who died off years ago, sacrificing themselves to seal away the plague long ago. The plague, however, is utilized by the Fallen to augment themselves into “machine gods.” Players will get new missions, strikes, and a new raid to fight off the evolved Fallen and earn their right to be named “Iron Lords.”

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Most of the story content for the expansion takes place on Earth in Old Russia, providing players with three new playable areas, as well as a new landing zone. In addition to story content, Rise of Iron is said to include Crucible additions, such as new games modes and maps.

The Rise of Iron DLC is set to launch this fall, and it is said to cost around $30 USD, a reasonable price considering that the DLC is rumored to be bigger than House of Wolves and the Dark Below, but still not as large as The Taken King expansion. Whether or not this is the last DLC to be released for Destiny is yet to be confirmed, however it is a question that comes to mind when considering Bungie’s planned release of a sequel to the game in 2017.

To watch the original live-stream, check out a recording here.
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I love to light it up and play Destiny for a couple hours every now and then, apparently I need to get back into it, Rise of Iron looks dope! What do you think?