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Demand off the Chart as People Flock to Oregon for the Eclipse

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Everyone flocked to Oregon to view yesterday’s total solar eclipse, and the Oregon cannabis market certainly reaped the benefits. Demand for cannabis, concentrates, edibles and other such things went off the charts as people piled into the Beaver state for a chance to view one of the wonders of the cosmos.

There was increased demand in Washington, Colorado, and other recreational states, but reportedly not nearly as much as Oregon. The fact that Oregon was the only recreational cannabis state where you could see the entire phenomenon had something to do with it. Dispensaries all across the state had eclipse related specials. A dispensary in Milwaukie, Oregon sold a strain called “Moon Puppies”, a cross between the popular Chemdawg strain and Lemon Skunk. A company specializing in cannabis tourism called High 5 Tours sold tickets to the Stoner Eclipse Adventure 2017 for $750 bucks, where they camped out in Eastern Oregon for two days and got lit as the sky darkened.

Another dispensary called Central Organics in Madras, claimed to have sold an estimated five times as much herb as they normally do. The small town in Central Oregon was deemed to be one of the best places in the world to catch the eclipse. It was not just residents of Oregon or the surrounding states. People from all over the world came to view the eclipse and smoke some good Oregon ganja.

It seems that watching the eclipse while high was a priority for a lot of people. I know that watching the phenomenon while high was an experience that I soon won’t forget.


Image Source: ABC News LA

Did you go to Oregon to watch the eclipse? If not, did you at least get to watch it while high? Share in the comments!