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How Do You Deal With Red Eyes?

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Red eyes are the result of ingestion of the THC within weed. When the THC enters your bloodstream, it actually decreases your blood pressure, causing capillaries and blood vessels to dilate all over your body. When the blood vessels in your eyes dilate, it leads to the red phenomena that we’ve all grown to expect after a fat bowl. Although red eyes don’t hurt, per se, stoners still often find themselves trying to hide the color of their eyes! Check out the most common ways stoners deal with red eyes below!

1. Eye-drops

Eye drops haven’t always been around, and I’m sure that our ancestors would be quite jealous of today’s generation! Drops are always a good choice to have around, however they’re still not a foolproof solution. Many people experiment with several different brands of dropper before finding one that doesn’t cause discomfort, others require extra strength formulas to cure their red eyes. Eye drops can become a very effective and reliable choice, however extensive use of drops on your eyes could lead to damage to your eyes, so I don’t recommend making them your first choice for every scenario.

2. Sunglasses

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I love wearing sunglasses whenever I’m out. They block the sun out of my eyes, they make it easy to people watch without being caught, and nobody can see that my eyes are as red as cherries. Although my sunglasses protect my eyes fairly well outside, that’s the problem with sunglasses: they’re no good inside, and they’re no good at night. This makes sunglasses the best choice for pretty much any outing that is outside and during the day! Besides, it’s not like you will need to keep them on forever, just until your eyes return to their natural whiteness.

3. Nothing

Of course, you only need to hide your red eyes if you want to. Many stoners choose to hide their red eyes only because of the stigma that follows them. There are some people who don’t really give a shit whether or not others know if they’re stoned, so they strut down the sidewalk with their scarlet eyes. There’s no crime of having some redness, and besides, you can always say you “just have allergies” if you need to. If you’re in a state where cannabis is recreationally legal, you don’t even need to do that!

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What do you do about your red eyes? Do you cover them up with some shades? Or do you show off some color? Let us know in the comments!