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DEA Approves Synthetic Cannabis for Schedule II, Cannabis is Still Schedule I

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This week the DEA made the outrageous pronouncement that the synthetic cannabis drug Syndros is safer than cannabis itself. This should clear up any doubt that the DEA is more interested in protecting the interests of large pharmaceutical corporations than protecting the public.

Meanwhile, Syndros has jumped through the last hoop in its journey to the market, and will soon be available to the public. The DEA said in its report that since Syndros only contained the synthetic cannabinoid dronabinol aka delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol aka delta-9-THC, and not THC, it has medical value. THC currently has no accepted medical value and would therefore remain Schedule I. That doesn’t seem very objective, if you ask me.The DEA received comments that rightfully addressed concerns about pharmaceutical companies profiting off of synthetic cannabis, while keeping cannabis on Schedule I and they basically laughed it off. From the report:

 The DEA notes that FDA-approved products of oral solutions containing dronabinol have an approved medical use, whereas marijuana does not have an approved medical use and therefore remains in schedule I. Regarding the comments related to pharmaceutical companies and the approval of FDA drugs, these comments are outside the scope of this rulemaking because they do not relate to the factors determinative of control of a substance or the criteria for placement of a substance in a particular schedule.

It should be noted that Insys, the company behind the synthetic cannabis drug Syndros, spent half a million to defeat legalization in Arizona. The company is also responsible for Fentanyl, a dangerous and extremely addictive drug that is responsible for many overdoses and deaths.

The US government is claiming that fake weed is better than real weed now. When has this ever been the case? Do people prefer Sunny D over fresh squeezed orange juice?

Source: Vice News

Image Source: AZCentral

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