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Dank Gifts for Every Stoner on Your Christmas List

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As you may or not be aware, Christmas is coming. There is still time to find the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast on your list. Here is the only stoner gift guide you’ll ever need, with filled with dank gifts everyone can enjoy!

Four Twenty Glass Bong with Double Blue HoneyComb Disc

This Four Twenty glass bong is the perfect gift for any stoner on your list. This beauty is made from high quality borosilicate glass, with two striking cobalt blue honeycomb diffuser disks, a slitted splashguard and a built in downstem. The base and the mouthpiece are the same blue, with a blue Four Twenty logo on the top. It’s a must for any collection.

Tsunami Glass Electric Showerhead Tree HoneyComb Perc Bong

This Tsunami Glass piece is both a work of art and a force to be reckoned with. This bong comes with a reinforced downstem, an 18.8 mm male glass bowl with a built in screen (that alone would be enough to get me super excited. The 5 arm electric tree percolator and honeycomb disk percolators are guaranteed to give you the freshest tasting hits possible. Any stoner on your list would be happy to have it.

Black Leaf – Glass Recycler Bubbler with Two Recycle Chambers – Slitted Inline Percolator

This Black Leaf recycler bubbler is made from the same high quality borosilicate glass that you have come to expect. The two recycle chambers ensure that your hit is never stale. It comes with both a dry herb bowl and a glass nail for the ultimate in convenience and portability.

Blaze Glass Concentrate Oil Bubbler with Showerhead Diffuser

This concentrate bubbler from Blaze Glass comes with a built in shower head diffuser, colored glass horns and a mouthpiece with the Blaze Glass logo emblazoned upon it. This piece is so nice, you may end up buying it twice, once for a friend and once for you! Get it now before it’s gone!

Glasscity Turquoise Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta Stripe | 3 Inch

This little turquoise steamroller pipe is the perfect stocking stuffer for any ganja lover on your list. This little hand pipe is a bright turquoise color with a Rasta stripe down the center. It makes a fun little Christmas gift for anyone.

Jet-Flash Smoke System

This amazing pipe from Jet Flash will blow your mind. It’s technically three pipes in one, with swirling action, giving you smooth, and fresh tasting hits. The body design aerates the smoke, thus cooling it and making it easier to inhale than the standard pipe. This pipe comes with seven pieces in all including a handheld glass chamber with molded grips, a glass funnel bowl, mouth piece chamber, a spoon pipe adapter, a taster “one hitter” adapter/joint holder, a slitted 18.8mm > 14.5mm slit diffuser downstem, and a Keck clip to securely hold the pieces together while in use. I’m considering getting one of my own!

Grace Glass GG Sidecar Vapor Bubbler with Slitted Ball Perc

This portable two in one rig by Grace Glass is a sweet little compact bubbler that offers the best in portability and potency. This piece allows you to smoke not only all of your concentrates, but all of your dry herb too. It comes in an attractive gift box, which is also perfect for storage.

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer

This dry herb vape from KandyPens is one of the most popular handheld vaporizers on the market. It’s portable and small, while offering the best in flavor. This vape uses convection heating and has three different heat settings: 560 F, 420 F, and 350 F. The oven holds over a half a gram of dry herb. It’s a must for any vaping enthusiast! Really any Vape pen is a great gift. 

White Rhino Disposable Dube Air Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

This disposable dry herb vape pen from White Rhino is awesome for those who are concerned with discretion. Though this pen can be easily disposed of, it doesn’t lack anything in performance. It’s easy to use, and easy to hide!

Mama P’s – Li’l P Pollen Press

This pollen press from Mama P’s is perfect for making your own kief hash. This pollen press is made from indestructible aluminum. It’s easy to use, and gives you much better results than any other pollen press on the market!

SeedleSs Clothing – & SeedleSs Clothing collaboration T-Shirt – White

For the stoner has everything they could possibly want, why not go with one of these badass tshirts from SeedleSs Clothing and Grasscity. The original design is an homage to one of the greatest video games of all time: the Grand Theft Auto franchise. I get massive amounts of compliments on this shirt whenever I wear it. It will make an awesome stocking stuffer.

Chunky Inside Out Frit Green Hulk Fist Spoon Pipe

This Hulk Fist Spoon pipe will be a treat for any Marvel fan on your list. It’s five inches long and shaped like the iconic character, the Incredible Hulk. The frit technique uses crushed glass to give the glass a beautiful speckled green effect that not even the big green dude could get angry at.

Empire Glassworks Illuminati Baby Space Station Bubbler

Handmade and blown in the USA. this bubbler from Empire Glassworks is truly one of a kind and perfect for the Star Wars stoner fan on your shopping list. This limited edition bubbler glows in the dark under a blacklight. It comes with a fixed diffuser downstem and the flared mouthpiece will remind you of a laser. Hurry up and get one while supplies last.

Glass Fumed Cobalt Mini Hammer Bubbler with Double Maria and Marbles

This cobalt mini hammer bubbler makes a wonderful gift for the glass enthusiast in your life. This beautiful piece is only a little over 6.75 inches in length. The glass changes color over time; you will love the amazing colors that form as it fills with resin, though the shape makes it more difficult to become clogged.

ROOR – Little Sista 5.0mm – Black Logo – 45cm

The Roor Little Sista is little in name only. The solid bottom beaker base will ensure that this piece never accidentally gets knocked over. It comes with a glass downstem and a glass herb bowl. It’s simple, but perfect in its simplicity.

ROOR – Glass Ashtray With Color Logo

For the Roor fan who has it all, why not pick them up a Roor glass ashtray. This ashtray is better than the one they are currently using, which they stole from the bar so many years ago. This ashtray can be knocked on the floor or thrown against the wall, and it still won’t break. It’s great for ashing your cashed bowls, or for rolling joints.

Noble Glass 14 Inch Tall Orange Glass Bong with Orange Wrap and Foot

This beautiful bong from Noble Glass comes in a vibrant shade of orange and yellow, with a unique orange wrap around the base and neck. It’s 14 inches tall and comes with a matching dry herb bowl. It’s truly a piece to be proud of.

Image Source: Huffington Post

Did we miss anything on your list? Tell us in the comments!