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Dabs vs Bong Hits: Which is Superior?

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If you’re new to the world of cannabis you might think that dab hits and bong hits are the same thing. While there are similarities, such as the manner of delivery (inhaling smoke/vapor into the lungs), there are some key differences. Here are some of your most common questions about bong hits versus dab hits answered!

Which One Gets You Higher?

Dab hits will get you significantly higher than bong hits because dabs are concentrates whereas bong hits are from smoking dry flower. Concentrates are, simply put, the most potent parts of the cannabis plant, whereas flower retains the properties that will not get you high. The potency of the average cannabis strain is around 15 percent. The average potency of concentrates such as waxes and oils are closer to around 75 or 80 percent. There should be no question which one will get you higher!

Are Dabs Safer Than Bong Rips?

You can’t make the claim that any one form of cannabis consumption is safer or healthier than the other, but vaping is certainly less harmful on your lungs than the combustion method aka smoking it the old fashioned way. Taking dabs does come with the risk of burning yourself with a butane torch, which obviously causes more physical damage than your standard annoying lighter burn. Indeed the most dangerous aspect of dabs is the extraction process, which also involves the use of a blowtorch and exposure to dangerous chemicals. It is not recommended that you attempt DIY extraction unless you really really know what you’re doing.

I Hate the Way Bong Rips Make Me Cough, Do Dabs Do the Same?

One of the downfalls of taking bong hits is the coughing. One ever presiding stoner myth is that “the more you cough, the more you get off.” While it might be true for some people, there is no evidence to suggest that coughing enhances the effects of cannabis. You might be wondering if doing dabs would result in coughing since you’re inhaling vapor rather than smoke. The answer is yes, you will still cough, though I find coughs from using a dab rig to be far less abrasive than coughs from bongs.

I Know You Can’t OD From Smoking Weed. Can I OD on Concentrates?

No one has ever died from smoking cannabis, but a natural misconception that first time dabbers might have is thinking that since concentrates are more potent it might be possible to OD on them. You will not die from doing dabs, but you could end up getting a lot higher than you initially intended! Before you try dabs make sure you have a pretty good idea of what your tolerance is. If you smoke blunts day in and day out, a dab or two will get you pretty stoned, but I’m sure it’s nothing that you can’t handle. If on the other hand you’re more of a “one hit wonder,” you will want to be extra cautious!

Do Dabs Taste Better?

Though concentrates can lose their flavor during the extraction process, dabs are more flavorful than flower. When taking bong hits you taste a lot of the chemicals that come with combustion (such as the butane from your lighter), even if you’re smoking some tasty bud. When doing dabs, you are only tasting the dab, and nothing else.

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